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"I trained with Mystery and Matador, two of the world's greatest pickup artists for several hours a day for a month straight during filming of VH'1s The Pickup Artist 2. Now I can teach you the EXACT same dating tactics and tips I learned from the show at a fraction of the cost other masters are charging. You will be able to meet women anywhere, anytime and save thousands!"

-Simeon, Master Pickup Artist, Winner of VH1's The Pickup Artist 2

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Master Pickup Artist

Learn the skills that Mystery taught me on VH1's "The Pickup Artist 2." Start dating the beautiful and exciting women you dream about but have not been able to seduce. Our system has worked for thousands of men and you can learn it for a few cents a day. Others are literally charging thousands of dollars for the same advice.


-Winner of VH1's The Pickup Artist 2
-A dating coach who is very accessible to his clients
-Real advice that works and not just motivational fluff and filler material
-Proven routines you can learn in a few hours that get results in less than a day
-Dozens of videos breaking down all possible situations that guarantee a better dating life
-Learn methods that work for every age, race, body type or look


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Simeon's Transformation

Simeon transformed himself from a lonely guy who never had any dates into a master pickup artist. He has gone into clubs and kissed some of the hottest girls in 15 minutes as demonstrated in the video above. He is not athletic or a model, just an average guy like you. He is now passing on the techniques that he learned on the show so other men can transform themselves like he did.

-Learn How to Cold Approach Large Groups

-Master Flirting in Any Situation

-Become the Best Wingman Ever

-Get Phone Numbers Everywhere you go

-Get Rapid Attraction in Just Minutes

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Vh1 Finale Party


Events like the finale party shown above can become a regular part of your life. My training videos and programs will show you how to build your social circle. I will teach you how to attend exclusive functions where you will be able to meet and date beautiful women.


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